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How to Play

  • Joining Procedure

    To apply

    If you are interested in joining the programme, click here to download the “Note for schools”, and email the completed application form to We will contact you for further arrangement upon receipt the application form. If there are any other enquiries, feel free to email us at or click here to contact our Centre.

  • Screenshot of the Adventures


    Do Re Mi Fa are looking for the Hidden Book about mental health in a school. Let's help them go through different chapters and adventures by entering various rooms in the school. You need to click or drag objects in the rooms to help Do Re Mi Fa to escape from the rooms. Pay attention to the storyline and scenes to find hints, which will help you to get through the adventures. Also, special plots will occur to help you earn bonus points!

  • Power Pack

    Power Gem

    The Power Gem that contains mystical energy is hidden everywhere in school. Obtain them will help you understand the Hidden Book. They will appear in every adventure randomly, so do collect them as soon as they occur! Everybody can own only 5 power gems at a time. Replaying mini-game will cost 3 power gems each time. Send power gems as gift to your friends by clicking “My Account” or “Send Power Gem” after playing mini-game.

  • Personal Computer

    System Requirements

    This website supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android and other platforms. Please download the following browsers that support HTML5 to view the website:

Q: How do I save the game?
A: The system will save the progress of the game automatically once you have reached the checkpoint. You do not need to do anything to save the game.
Q: How come I could not find any Power Gem when I replay the adventures?
A: Power gems will appear only during the first time you visit the place. It will not occur during replay.
Q: Why can't I access the mini-game when I replay?
A: Unless you enter the mini-game for the first time, if not, replaying mini-games will cost you 3 power gems each time. If you do not have enough power gems, you would not be able to start the mini-game.
Q: How do I review the adventures that I have already completed?
A: 1. Click “Replay” after you finish a mini game, or
2. Go to “Choose lesson” to select the adventure that you want to review, or
3. Click “Lesson Summary” to review the main points of each adventure
Q: What should I do if I forgot the username or password?
A: You could ask your school teacher for help, or you could click on the button, “Contact Us”, on the lower right corner and tell the system administrator about your problem.
Q: I cannot start the adventure after logging in, and can only view a white or black screen, what should I do?
A: You could try to delete the cache of your current browser and then reopen a new browser to view the website. Please refer to the links for the details and step by step guide: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.