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About Programme

“The Adventures of DoReMiFa”

“The Adventures of DoReMiFa” is a mental health promotion programme supported by the Quality Education Fund. It aims at developing an evidence-based programme for primary school students to strengthen their emotional competence, problem solving skills, and social skills in order to reduce student's anxiety level, enhance their coping ability and mental health.

The programme is a combination of web-based and school-based lessons so that students can learn different knowledge and skills at home or at school through interactive games and activities.

Target Population:
Primary 4 and 5 students

Programme Overview:
The duration of the programme is 4-6 months, which includes both web-based and school-based learning (11 e-lessons and 8 lessons respectively). Each e-lesson takes approximately 20 minutes, whereas each school-based lesson is 35-45 minutes. In order to arouse student's interest in the current programme, the e-lessons are delivered through a story and mini-games, and the school-based lessons contain various interactive activities and games to encourage students to apply the learnt skills in daily life.

In order to understand students' mental wellbeing and to assess the effectiveness of this newly implemented programme, students will be invited to complete a few questionnaires before and after joining the programme.


Theoretical Approach:
The current curriculum is designed based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapeutic (CBT) approach and Positive Psychology. Both approaches show positive impact on children's psychological wellbeing.

Curriculum Overview:

E-lesson Topic Content and Objectives
1 Emotional Competence - To identify one's emotions and understand its impact
- To respond and regulate one's emotions effectively
2 Cognitive-behavioural Model - To learn how beliefs affect one's behavioural, emotional and physical responses
- To understand the importance of positive thinking and its relationship with mental well-being
3 ABC Theory - To learn what ABC model is and the relationship between A (Activating event), B (Belief) and C (Consequences)
4-5 Problem-solving Skills I & II - To learn effective problem-solving skills and apply in daily life situations
6 Social Skills - To learn what social skills are and its importance
- To understand verbal and non-verbal communication
7-8 Communication Skills - To understand common communication barriers
- To learn effective communication skills
9 Empathy - To understand other people's feelings and perspectives
- To understand the importance of empathy
10 Gratitude - To learn what gratitude is
- To learn how to cultivate and express gratitude
11 Review - To review the key points in the e-lessons
- To apply the knowledge and skills in daily life